Wednesday Downtown preview screencap

The Wednesday Downtown Project is a community project where fans of Downtown and similar topics join together to create subtitles for the hit program Wednesday Downtown!

Fansubbing is very time consuming, and if you want to do a quality job, you have to put in a lot of effort and time into it. Some groups want to do the best quality work possible but with this comes a steep learning curve for newcomers. While still fun and challenging, I'm sure many people find it overwhelming.

In response to this, I wanted to start a little side project where people could finally contribute to something everyone would think would be funny and worth the time. Hence the community focus of this project which I hope will be a bit of fresh air. Since everyone is in charge, we help each other in all aspects of the subbing process. We want to bring forward subbed content with less focus on standard, meaning people who normally have LESS time on their hands but want to help out somehow will have a chance to do so. As a result, Wednesday Downtown will get subbed faster and more people will get an introduction to fansubbing, hopefully opening up the opportunity to more proper subbing in the future.

Below this post a link to an application form for the different positions. If you're interested we're happy to have you! With over 50+ members including other subbers in the community we are totally laid back and would love more people.

If you think this project sounds interesting, don't hesitate to apply!

What we do:

  • We sub full "Wednesday Downtown" episodes with the help of volunteers joining the team.
  • To ease workload, episodes are split into smaller parts. These episodes (As opposed to conventional subbing) will only focus on dialogue. Upon joining, you WILL get all the information you need to get going.
  • Members chat with each other on discord and can exchange tips and videos. When each part of one episode is done, all parts are put together and a quality check is done. Then its off to translation and back again to be hardsubbed and released.

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